Removing CR;LF in files from other stupid systems

As we all know, some systems like to put carriage returns and line feeds in files.  Then when you transfer those files over to a sane system like 9front (Plan9) you have to deal with that bullshit!

Well here is how you get rid of that crap.


term% tr -d \x0d < stupidfile.txt > smartfile.txt

This will remove the legacy stink of those old OS’s you have been using.

Trick #1:  You can use this same command from within ‘acme’ to replace any selected block of text with these abominations within them.

  1. First find the offending text with the CRLF’s
  2. Select and highlight the ‘shit’ text within ‘acme’
  3. Type the following in the tag menu:
  4. | tr -d \xod
  5. Middle sweep/select/click the text above and PRESTO!  

The evil text has now been replaced with clean, beautiful chars with no CRLF’s


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