Linux QEMU/KVM and 9front/Plan9 Networking

Oh man.  Where to begin.  Just getting the goddamn Linux bridge networking setup couldn’t have been more of a pain in the ass!  Then learning that the virtio network driver doesn’t work when using bridge networking.  Had to move to the old ass rtl8139 for it all to work.

Went from 1000MB/s down to 100MB/s instantly.


But at least I have it working now.  I am able to get a KVM instance running 9front on the network just like any other machine.  None of this NAT shit!

I will say this, once the KVM device configuration was figured out, Plan9 networking is WAY easier to configure than Linux.  Good fucking lord!

I may sing the praises of ndb for the rest of my days.  Why is Linux networking configuration so fucking hard?

Anyway, no more bitching.  Now onto getting a separate auth server setup and re-configuring this currently functioning box to be a fossil+venti fileserver.

Need hard drives!

Another resource for ndb and networking configuration.


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