Porting Game Code to Plan9 (9front)

I have now embarked on porting the code from Andre LaMothe’s Game Programming books to Plan9.   Of course I am starting with 2D first, as most of the functionality is already within libdraw.  This should give me a good foundation as I work towards building a software based 2D/3D rasterizer.

The book I am starting with can be found on Amazon:

Tricks of the Game Programming Gurus, 2nd Edition

Once I have finished that one, which since I went thru it several years ago on Windows shouldn’t take that long, then I will be moving onto Dre’s next book:

Tricks of the 3D Game Programming Gurus – Advanced 3D Graphics and Rasterization

Considering that I already have both books and all of the source code you would think that getting access to the code would be pretty easy.  F**K NO!

Being the Apple guy I am I was trying to use my old ass Apple USB Superdrive to copy the files to my Linux machine which hosts my 9front instance.  But Apple has decided to f**king break their Superdrive.


I am not kidding, the Superdrive now works like shit, on purpose, on all current macOS versions.

To resolve this required some Linux magic.  See here and here on how to resolve this.  Anyway it is now all good!  I was able to copy the files off of these old CDs and get them over to my 9front installation using sshfs.


Of course this all hinges on getting sound to work properly.  This brings me to my concurrent project:  Enabling USB Audio using my Focusrite 2i2 and 6i6.  As of right now, they show up in /dev/usb but the user-space audio driver isn’t loading properly.

Ah the joys of reading the USB Audio specs over at usb.org.

I am too much of a nerd.



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